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We are looking forward to another fun-filled summer of Madeira Marlins! Welcome back all returning swimmers and welcome to those joining us this year. Our goal is to continue to provide appropriate instruction for all our swimmers. Some highlights of our plans for this summer are shared below:

Pick up your team t-shirt and swim cap
Swimville will be on-site for new team suit fittings May 13 (the same suit as last year so if it still fits your child, you are good to go!)

Purchase silicone team swim caps for $10

Know you will be out of town for a meet? Now is a great time to log into your SwimTopia account and either confirm attendance or sign your swimmer out of a meet. With a team of over 250 swimmers, it helps us greatly to plan for team lineups. Simply log into your account, https://madeiramarlins.swimtopia.com, click on the “Calendar” tab and click on “Meet Entry” for each meet. Note: Registration is not required for 8 and Under Mini-Meets. Just show up and have fun!

Practices: On most practice days, we will incorporate the use of dry-land workouts to free up space in the pool. We believe this will help with not being so crowded in each lane and provide opportunities to work more on core and cardio training. Please have your child/children (ages 9 & up) come prepared with running shoes, socks, shorts, and t-shirt each day. Also, we encourage them to bring a water bottle.

Swimmer Values: Our swimmers share values of being a Madeira Marlin. Those values include the following:

We support each other. We are teammates. We cheer each other on in meets,
We consistently display good sportsmanship. We like to compete, and we like to win, but we do so in a positive, encouraging method and are respectful to other teams.
We try our best. We work hard to improve upon our individual times and accomplishments.
We listen to our coaches, parent volunteers and team captains.

4th of July Parade: Each year our team walks in the Madeira 4th of July parade. Details for that day will be sent out for this event the week before the event. Coaches and parent volunteers walk with the swimmers. 

Bring Your Parents to Practice: Yes, this was a big success last season. Our 3rd Annual Bring Your Parent to Practice Day will be held on Friday June 30. More details to follow, however, we want to make sure you block off your calendar to come along with your kid(s) to practice!

Goal Planning: We are going to continue doing some basic goal planning with each swimmer. A goal planning sheet is being sent home to each family for swimmers to think through a few of their goals for the summer. During the season, coaches will work with each swimmer to discuss their goals, review strategies to obtain these goals, and hold them accountable to this process.

Big Buddies: We will be doing Big Buddies again this summer. Big Buddies is designed to pair up an older swimmer (11 & older) with a younger swimmer (10 & under). A Big Buddy may have 2-3 younger buddies. The design of this program is for Big Buddies to help their younger buddies during swim meets, cheering them on, helping to get to the blocks, and a way for swimmers who don’t normally meet during the season to develop a unique relationship. Buddies pair-ups will be announced and posted on Monday, June 5th.

Parent Relays: This summer we will conduct the 7th Annual Madeira Parent Relay. The parent relay will be conducted on Thursday, July 6th¸ during our home meet vs. Orchard Hills. The Parent Relay Draft will be held the weekend before at the pool. A separate sign-up sheet will be sent out soon for any parent that is interested in participating. The race will be conducted immediately before the start of the meet (roughly 6:30).

Communication: If you have any questions or need anything during the season, please contact the swim & dive team member using the contact form below. We will also utilize the SwimTopia app to alert parents and swimmers of any urgent news, weather related updates, etc. throughout the summer.

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