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A while back I was at a small gathering where a new comer to Madeira asked “What is this swim club all about?”. The room fell silent for a few moments and then at once 5 different explanations began to spill forward. My take away from that night was – wow everyone seems to have a different opinion of what MSTC is all about.

Let me see if I can scribble down some of their stories and add a little of my own…

The Madeira Swim and Tennis Club is where you can share an ice cream with a friend. It’s where you gather.  Talk is light and friendly. Its where you had your first summer crush, and your first heart break and possible where you eventually met “the one”. It’s where good friends are sure to be and where they are made.

The Madeira Swim and Tennis Club is where you mastered that back hand. Where you learned your killer fade away jump shot. Where you learned to do a back flip with out a face plant into the water at 50 mph.  The club has an awesome tennis pro for both kids and adults, swim lessons for the kids and one of the best summer swim and dive teams in the city. If you want to work on your basket ball game meet me on the court with a pen and notebook because I will take you school.

The Madeira Swim and Tennis Club is where you chillax.  Yes, that is both chilling and relaxing; a combination that very few places would ever hope to achieve. The peace of mind you have knowing that your kids are safe, well guarded and surrounded by a caring community is priceless. You won’t be jostled or hurried though an endless series of gimmicks. There is no over crowding but its not crickets either, its just right. If you want to lay back and enjoy please do.

The Madeira Swim and Tennis Club is where you can raise the roof.  Being an outdoor pool it would seem that raising the roof would be a little difficult but believe me it can be done. I’ve seen everyone from the Sunday school teacher to the local DJ get their funk on.

The Madeira Swim and Tennis Club is where you belong. Each of the 400 family members is a part owner of the club… So I guess you not only belong to the club – it belongs to you. You purchase your 1/400th section of the club with your bond and when your ready to leave you sell it back to the next family. Generations of Madeira have known that the Madeira Swim and Tennis Club is where they belong.

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